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Cardiologist and Clinical Research Fellow, UCL

Rohin is a cardiologist. He received his training in London and Cambridge and his main clinical areas of interest are cardiac interventions (stents, 'keyhole' valve replacements), the acutely failing heart, mechanical cardiac support, transplantation and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging. He studied space medicine and extreme environment physiology and maintains an interest, although his dreams of being an astronaut have been somewhat grounded.

He is also currently undertaking a PhD at UCL, where he is using advanced imaging techniques such as PET and MRI scanning to study patients who have suffered major heart attacks, in an attempt to identify therapeutic targets to minimise the amount of damage caused.

Rohin has a long-standing passion for science communication and education and has taught medical students at Cambridge University, Imperial College and St George's, University of London. He is active on social media, where he produces and distributes high quality educational material for both medics and anyone with an interest in science or the history of medicine. He has recently launched a YouTube channel dedicated to highlighting the most fascinating and offbeat medical and biological science.

He has presented around the world, written for the Guardian as well as academic journals and websites, published and contributed to several books and written for Channel 4. He sits on the British Cardiovascular Society's Digital Committee and is part of the BMJ Heart Journal's social media team. A more recent interest has been attempting to combine cardiology outreach with stand-up comedy. Prognosis might be poor.


  • –present
    Cardiologist and doctoral researcher, UCL


  • 2009 
    Royal College of Physicians, MRCP