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Professor of Statistics and Data Analysis, Bielefeld University

Roland is a Professor of Statistics and Data Analysis within the Department of Business Administration and Economics at Bielefeld University, where he also is the speaker of the interdisciplinary Centre for Statistics. Before coming to Bielefeld in 2015, he studied Mathematics in Heidelberg (2003-2008), did a PhD in Economics in Göttingen (2008-2011), and from 2011-2015 spent four years at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, initially as a postdoc and later as a Lecturer in Statistics. Roland's research focuses on statistical method development for state-switching time series models, in particular hidden Markov models, as well as their applications primarily in ecology, sports and economics. A particularly strong focus of his research lies on the analysis of animal tracking data, with the objective to infer what animals are doing and why they are doing it (i.e. what the internal and external drivers are of their behaviour).


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    Professor of Statistics, Bielefeld University