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Associate Professor, University of Sydney

Selected grants
Evaluating the Utility of a Patient Decision Aid for Prospective Participants in the TROG RAVES Prostate Cancer Trial (TROG 08.03); Sundaresan P, Bell M, Kneebone A, Turner S, Butow P; Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia/Young Investigator Grants.
A randomised controlled trial testing a Decision Aid to promote informed consent and recruitment to the TROG RAVES trial of post-prostatectomy radiotherapy; Turner S, Butow P, Juraskova I, Kneebone A, Woo H, Bell M; Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists/Research Support.

Selected publications

- Turner, S., Lehman, M. (2016). Are we training the next generation of proficient radiation oncologists, or just better examination candidates? Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology, 60(3), 389-392. [More Information]
- Turner, S., Shaw, T. (2016). Developing competence in biostatistics and research methodology during medical specialty training. Medical Journal of Australia, 204(2), 54-56e. [More Information]
- Turner, S., Sundaresan, P., Robledo, K., Pryor, D., Gebski, V., Shaw, T. (2016). Engaging Future Clinical Oncology Researchers: An Initiative to Integrate Teaching of Biostatistics and Research Methodology into Specialty Training. Clinical Oncology, 28(5), 306-316.
- Tesson, S., Sundaresan, P., Ager, B., Butow, P., Kneebone, A., Costa, D., Woo, H., Pearse, M., Juraskova, I., Turner, S. (2016). Knowledge, attitudes and decision-making preferences of men considering participation in the TROG RAVES Prostate Cancer Trial (TROG 08.03). Radiotherapy and Oncology, 119(1), 84-90. [More Information]
- van Leeuwen, M., Gurney, H., Turner, J., Turner, S., Pearson, S., Laaksonen, M., Harnett, P., Balakrishnar, B., Sabanathan, D., Vajdic, C. (2016). Patterns and trends in the incidence of paediatric and adult germ cell tumours in Australia, 1982-2011. Cancer Epidemiology, 43, 15-21. [More Information]
- Smith, A., Butow, P., Olver, I., Luckett, T., Grimison, P., Toner, G., Stockler, M., Hovey, E., Stubbs, J., Turner, S., Gurney, H., King, M., et al (2016). The prevalence, severity, and correlates of psychological distress and impaired health-related quality of life following treatment for testicular cancer: a survivorship study. Journal of Cancer Survivorship, 10(2), 223-233. [More Information]
- Turner, S., Eriksen, J., Trotter, T., Verfaillie, C., Benstead, K., Giuliani, M., Poortmans, P., Holt, T., Brennan, S., Potter, R. (2015). Establishing a Global Radiation Oncology Collaboration in Education (GRaCE): Objectives and priorities. Radiotherapy and Oncology, 117(1), 188-192. [More Information]
- Duchesne, G., Cronje, S., Turner, S. (2015). In reply to Jenkins. World Journal of Gastroenterology, 91(1), 243-243. [More Information]
- Denham, J., Steigler, A., Joseph, D., Lamb, D., Spry, N., Duchesne, G., Atkinson, C., Matthews, J., Turner, S., Kenny, L., et al (2015). Radiation dose escalation or longer androgen suppression for locally advanced prostate cancer? Data from the TROG 03.04 RADAR trial. Radiotherapy and Oncology, 115(3), 301-307. [More Information]
- Turner, S., Seel, M., Berry, M. (2015). Radiation Oncology Training Program Curriculum developments in Australia and New Zealand: Design, implementation and evaluation - What next? Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology, 59(6), 728-735. [More Information]
- Duchesne, G., Turner, S., Cronje, S. (2014). Around the globe-radiation oncology in Australia. International Journal of Radiation Oncology: Biology Physics, 90(1), 1-6. [More Information]
- Morris, L., Gorayski, P., Turner, S. (2014). Back pain in a cancer patient: A case study. Australian Family Physician, 43(8), 529-530.


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    Associate Professor, University of Sydney