Senior lecturer, Deakin University

I have been a high school teacher for a number of years before working full-time in academia since 2002. My specialist areas are philosophy and theory of education, curriculum theory, spirituality, values, reflective practice and pre-service teaching, which are the main areas in which I publish academic articles. Some of my recent publications include:
Webster, R. S. & Ryan, A. (2018 forthcoming) 'Understanding Curriculum: The Australian Context'. Melbourne: Cambridge University Press.
Webster, R. S. & Whelen, J. (eds) (2018 forthcoming) 'Rethinking Reflection and Ethics for Teachers'. Sydney: Allen & Unwin.
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Webster, R. S. (2017) ‘Valuing and desiring purposes of education to transcend miseducative measurement practices. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 49(4), 331-346.
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Webster, R. S. (2016) The existential individual alone within Freire’s socio-political solidarity, in Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory. Springer.
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Webster, R. S. (2009). ‘How evidence-based teaching practices are challenged by a Deweyan approach to education’ Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, 37(2), 215-227.


  • 2011–present
    Dr R. Scott Webster, Deakin University
  • 2002–2010
    Dr R. Scott Webster, Monash University