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Seán I. O’Donoghue

Senior Faculty Member at the Garvan Institute, Conjoint Professor at UNSW, and Senior Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO

Dr Sean O'Donoghue is a bioinformatician who has played an integral part in raising the global standards in understanding, visualising and dealing with biological data by developing novel bioinformatics software.

Whilst studying at the University of Sydney, Dr O'Donoghue was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy for research into molecular basis of muscle movements using interdisciplinary approaches, including biophysics, biochemistry and bioinformatics.

Dr O'Donoghue has been doing bioinformatics research since 1988. Much of that time has been with the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg, Germany.

Dr O'Donoghue held managerial positions in Industry, including Lion Bioscience, an EMBL spin-off company, the largest bioinformatics company of its time.

Prior to Lion Bioscience, Dr O'Donoghue's activities included improving how 3D structures of proteins are calculated from Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) data. Dr O'Donoghue and his team’s work with NMR has been highly cited and is now one of the most standard methods used to determine NMR structures.

Dr Sean O'Donoghue is currently the Office of the Chief Executive (OCE) Science Leader in biodata visualisation with CSIRO Computational Informatics. He also holds a joint position at The Garvan Institute of Medical Research as a group leader in biodata visualisation.


  • 2011–present
    OCE Science Leader, CSIRO
  • 2011–present
    Group Leader, Garvan Institute of Medical Research


  • 1992 
    The University of Sydney, Ph. D.
  • 1987 
    The University of Sydney, B. Sc. (Hons)

Grants and Contracts

  • 2011
    VIZBI+ Visualising the Future of Biomedicine
    Project Leader
    Funding Source:
    Inspiring Australia initiative of the Federal Government


Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry