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Sergi Pardos-Prado

Associate Professor and Fellow in Politics, University of Oxford

I work on two main lines of research. The first deals with political behaviour and comparative politics questions in Europe, and the second deals with the impact of migration processes on public attitudes and political outcomes. More specifically, I have devoted some time now to analyse how the immigration issue is incorporated into patterns of political competition and affects electoral outcomes, both in countries with and without a prominent anti-immigrant party in Parliament.

Regarding my political behaviour and comparative politics line of research, I am working on a number of projects assessing the conditional effect of institutions, media discourse and party system characteristics on different forms of voting, including proximity, directional, and valence voting. I am also studying the interaction between power-sharing institutions and traditional individual-level predictors of electoral turnout. Finally, I am also interested in the formation of subjective perceptions of the national economy, and the moderating effect of personal socioeconomic circumstances and party messages in this process.

As for my research on immigration, I mostly analyse patterns of xenophobia and racism from a comparative perspective in Europe. More specifically, I deal with the direct or indirect impact of several predictors on attitudes towards immigration, namely personality traits, local and national levels of ethnic diversity, and ideological predispositions. More recently I have also implemented longitudinal analyses of xenophobia over individual life cycles using panel data, and survey experiments assessing the impact of different forms of ethnic diversity on the willingness to redistribute resources in a given community.


  • –present
    Fellow in Politics, University of Oxford