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Stephanie LeMenager

Moore Professor of English and Professor of Environmental Studies, University of Oregon

Stephanie LeMenager's work on climate change and the humanities has been featured in The New York Times, ClimateWire, Science Friday, NPR, the CBC, and other public venues. She is Barbara and Carlisle Moore Professor of English and Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Oregon, where she co-directs the Center for Environmental Futures with Professor Marsha Weisiger, an environmental historian. Her publications include the books Living Oil: Petroleum Culture in the American Century, which defines the 20th-century United States as the era of petromodernity, Manifest and Other Destinies, a monograph about the alternatives to Manifest Destiny that might have developed in the US West, Environmental Criticism for the Twenty-First Century, a co-authored essay collection for scholars, and Teaching Climate Change in the Humanities, a co-authored collection for teachers interested in bringing climate change into humanities classrooms. Her current book projects include To Speak of Common Places, an oral history of Oregon's public lands with Prof. Marsha Weisiger and a book-length meditation on the fate of fiction in the shadow of climate change.

Professor LeMenager is dedicated to place-based teaching and scholarship that crosses Humanities disciplines without jargon or elitism, and in the interest of putting our narrative skills to the task of surviving the climate crisis.


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    Professor of English Literature, University of Oregon