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Visiting Fellow in Meteorology, University of Reading

Stephen Burt is a Visiting Fellow in the meteorology department of the University of Reading. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society and Chairman of the Climatological Observers Link.

Burt has published numerous academic papers since 1975 and continues active research today. His research interests are primarily UK climatology - and in particular, the long series of records from the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford (1767 to date), which is the subject of a new book by Oxford University Press, jointly authored with Tim Burt (emeritus professor of Geography, University of Durham).

Burt also studies the University of Reading's weather records, which commenced in 1901. He is interested in the documentation and climatology of weather extremes, particularly related to the British Isles and precipitation return periods. He is an expert in meteorological instruments and weather observing, and the meteorological effects of solar eclipses.

Burt is also interested in Saharan dustfalls, the history of science, particularly related to meteorology, and weather photography (still and timelapse).


  • –present
    Visiting Fellow in Meteorology, University of Reading