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Senior Lecturer in Environmental Geosciences, Brunel University London

I am a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Geosciences at Brunel University, teaching and researching for 35 years. I specialise in Earth surface processes, with focus on mass extinctions, where my interests are in microbial processes in mass extinctions. I also work on ancient fossil reef systems, with emphasis on calcified sponges and their growth controls.

My research is a diverse range of studies that encompass a broad range of Earth-surface environments including: shallow marine, coastal and terrestrial environments in geologically recent and older sedimentary deposits. Within this broad spectrum, four areas have developed, outlined below. The primary aim is to interpret environmental change (including sea-level change) in Earth surface environments in areas associated with active change in the Earth crust (in three separate project areas); a secondary aim, where applicable, is to assess modern geohazards, some of which are in the same locations, and related to, project areas.


  • 1980–2016
    Dr, Brunel University