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Brunel University London

Brunel is a world-class university based in Uxbridge, West London. Now over 40 years old, our mission has always been to combine academic rigour with the practical, entrepreneurial and imaginative approach pioneered by our namesake Isambard Kingdom Brunel.


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Ex-politician Nigel Farage accused his bank of refusing his business because of his political views. Frank 2012/Shutterstock

City watchdog finds no evidence for recent political ‘debanking’ – but private banks have been picky for centuries

Research shows banks – especially private banks – have always been concerned about their customers’ social status and respectability.
Regulation must protect AI innovation while addressing risks, but what’s the right balance? ra2 studio / Shutterstock

How the UK is getting AI regulation right

With fine-tuning, the approach correctly balances the risks with the need to encourage innovation.
Devastation: much of central Khartoum has been destroyed in heavy fighting. EPA-EFE/Indonesian Embassy KBRI Khartoum

Sudan: questions about Wagner Group involvement as another African country falls prey to Russian mercenaries

The role of the Wagner Group in the Sudan crisis is not yet clear, but its mercenaries are reported to be involved in a number of African countries.
‘Ugly’ produce might be just as delicious but still gets rejected based on looks. Rosie2/Shutterstock

How ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables could tackle food waste and solve supermarket supply shortages

Selling misshapen, bruised fruit and vegetables that are not a standard size requires a supply chain rethink, according to research.


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