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Svetlana Bogomolova

Associate Professor of Marketing Science, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, University of South Australia

Dr Svetlana Bogomolova is a consumer behaviour and marketing researcher. Her area of expertise covers consumer decision-making at the point of purchase (i.e. supermarket) and the influence of contextual factors, such as price promotions, in-store signage, packaging, nutrition information and other elements of the shopping environment on consumer choices. Svetlana's research feeds into the practice of industry partners (e.g., national and international brand manufactures and retailers), as well as informs government policies about protecting consumer interests.

She has been awarded ARC Discovery Early Career Award Fellowship (2013-2016) to continue her work understanding consumer behaviour and decision-making in supermarkets.

In a cross-disciplinary collaboration with Health researchers, Svetlana is also applying her knowledge and expertise in influencing consumer behaviour to the efforts in improving Public Health. Given that the majority of food consumed in Western countries come from supermarkets, it makes sense to research and influence consumer choices in the supermarket environments.

Svetlana publishes her work in the top marketing academic journals, such as Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Journal of Advertising Research, Journal of Business Research, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management, Industrial Marketing Management, and International Journal of Market Research, as well as in the industry and popular press.


  • 2002–present
    Senior Researcher in Consumer Behaviour, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, University of South Australia


  • 2009 
    University of South Australia, Marketing/Consumer Behaviour

Research Areas

  • Marketing (1505)