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Svetlana Bogomolova

Professor of Health Marketing, Deputy Director Centre for Social Impact (CSI), Flinders University, University of South Australia

Professor Svetlana Bogomolova leads research and education programs in the area of health and social marketing, with a particular focus on community healthy food initiatives. Through the process of co-creation and co-design, she brings the voice of the consumer and industry practitioners to the design and evaluation of preventative health initiatives and social services programs, providing in-depth understanding of barriers and drivers of behaviours, and the impact of policy.

She has led numerous large collaborations with teams of cross-disciplinary researchers, most recently a national research program “Towards zero hunger: improving food relief services in Australia”, a strategic partnership between service providers, policy makers, researchers and consumers aimed at lifting the quality of service in food relief through improving sector-wide collaboration to facilitate sustained exit from food insecurity, particularly for families. An important extension of this work is the development of a school meals program to address inequality in childhood by ensuring equal learning and social inclusion opportunities for all.

Most of Prof Bogomolova’s research is conducted in close collaboration with policy and industry end-users through a process of co-design and co-creation. Svetlana's discoveries feed into the practice of industry partners (e.g., numerous national and international not-for-profit and private organisations), and inform government policies about protecting consumer interests and encouraging healthier behaviours. She is an experienced board member for a range of community, government and non-government organisations.

Her expertise includes design, execution and evaluation of a range of community food programs using novel methods of nutrition and food education, innovative pedagogical approaches around consumer literacy, smart shopper tips, budgeting, meal planning, food waste reduction, local community engagement, local food production, promotion and supply-chain relationships.

She is the recipient of a prestigious National Standards Australia Emerging Leader Award for community and policy engagement, and numerous awards for research and teaching excellence.