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PhD Candidate, History of Art, UCL

Eighteenth and nineteenth-century European history, with particular emphasis on French sartorial politics (strategic use of dress to convey political and social ideals) and sartorial appropriation (the adoption and presentation of non-Western garments in shaping colo-nial narratives around cultural superiority). On the first point, I’m interested in exploring ideas around the political implications of ‘power-dressing down,’, which is the focal point of my dissertation’s third chapter where I examine Napoleon’s clothing choices prior to becoming First Consul and Emperor. This is done in parallel with research into the peri-od’s leading female figures of fashionability including Thérésa Tallien and Juliette Ré-camier. On the second point, I’m particularly interested in examining male appropriation of non-European garments. This subject often highlights the role of French women in such cross-cultural colonial exchanges; which I argue merits further nuance as my disser-tation’s fifth and sixth chapters examine French soldiers intrigue and adoption of Mame-luke attire during the Egyptian campaign of 1798.


Sheikhan, T. ‘Politics, Fashion and Female Agency in Parisian Salons c. 1800: The Case of Juliette Récamier.’ Object Vol. 23, Issue 1 (2022) : 47-64.

Zasrodney K, Sheikhan T, Sheikhan N, Pinto A, Witek T.J. ‘Trends in FDA Drug Promo-tion Enforcement letter over a Ten Year Period.’ ISPOR International Meeting 2018.

Sheikhan T, Witek TJ. ‘Women’s health and Commerce: A Historical Perspective.’ MISC Magazine July 2016, 106-108.

Curatorial Work

Femininity Unbound, Grémio littéraire de Lisbonne, Portugal
Junior Curator, 2023

North South / East West, Centro Cultural de Cascais, Portugal
Junior Curator, 2018

Hotel Bogotá, Toronto, Canada
Junior Curator, 2014


  • 2018–present
    PhD in History/History of Art , University College London


  • 2017 
    Master’s in Early Modern History, King’s College London