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PhD Candidate, WiSE Centre for Economic Justice, Glasgow Caledonian University

Tasawar Ashraf is a PhD researcher at Glasgow Caledonian University. His PhD thesis examiness ‘Securitisation of Migration through Informal Agreements, its Implications and State Sovereignty’s Role in determining their Limits’. The thesis is a comparative case study of the EU-Turkey and the Italy-Libya externalisation agreements. Tasawar’s research interests lie in public international law, asylum law, EU Law, constitutional law, international relations, and globalisation. Currently, Tasawar has been working as an independent consultant for Brunel University to research and write a report on the United Kingdom’s anti-radicalisation laws for the Horizon 2020 research project – D.Rad: De-radicalisation in Europe and Beyond.


Tasawar Ashraf, Umut Korkut, Daniel Gyollai, ‘The Expansion of State Authority over the Neighbouring States through Informal Migration Controls: Case of Hungary’s Control over Serbia’ (2019) 23(20) the Spanish Yearbook of International Law, pp. 306-316 [DOI: 10.17103/sybil.23.20].

Tasawar Ashraf, ‘Afghanistan: as Taliban and US near peace deal, it’s far too soon to commit to returning refugees’, (2019) The Conversation.

Tarik Basbugoglu, Umut Korkut, and Tasawar Ashraf. ‘Syria: A New Cold War’ (2020) 11(4) Political Insight, pp. 31–32.


  • 2001–present
    PhD Student , Glasgow Caledonian University


  • 2016 
    University of Strathclude, LLM Human Rights Law
  • 2011 
    The London College UCK, PG Diploma in Law
  • 2009 
    University of Punjab, Pakistan, LLB