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Professor of Environmental Policy and Planning, Cardiff University

I research the interdisciplinary social science and applied policy fields of rural geography, rural sociology, environmental sociology, geography and planning. I have published over 150 international journal articles, book chapters or books. This includes 20 research monographs and edited collections. This body of work ranges from original theoretical work in the field, through to empirical analysis and emerging policy impacts and analysis. It includes wide ranging work on: the socio-economic restructuring of agriculture; theorisations and empirical investigations of rural development; analysis of agri-food chains and networks; and critical commentaries in the emerging fields of environmental sociology and environmental planning. The empirical work has extended from the UK, Europe, Brazil, the Caribbean and now China.

Over the past 20 years I have been awarded a series of almost continuous UK ESRC research grants which have been associated either with individual or joint standard grants, special research initiatives, or research centre grants. Total research council grants for which I have been a Principal Investigator constitute £11 million since 1989. I have also been in receipt of a series of EU grants, totalling 500K; and research grants from policy making bodies, totalling 500K. I have acted as an external examiner for 30 PhDs in the UK, the Netherlands and Australasia.