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Tess Johnson

Postdoctoral researcher, University of Oxford

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the ethics of pandemic preparedness, surveillance, and response, at The University of Oxford's Ethox Centre. I completed my DPhil in Philosophy at the Uehiro Centre, University of Oxford, with a focus on the area of germline gene editing for human enhancement.

My current work focuses on the ethics of coercion in public health policy, with a particular focus on responses to infectious disease outbreaks, and the emergence of antimicrobial resistance. I have conducted research in the areas of public health ethics, reproductive ethics, human enhancement, and genetic ethics.


  • 2022–present
    Postdoctoral fellow, University of Oxford


  • 2022 
    University of Oxford, DPhil in Philosophy
  • 2019 
    Monash University, Master of Bioethics
  • 2017 
    Australian National University, Bachelor of Arts
  • 2017 
    Australian National University, Bachelor of Science


  • 2022
    Internet Policy Review, (with co-authors) Towards responsible, lawful and ethical data processing: Patient data in the UK
  • 2022
    Public Health Ethics, (with co-author) Justifying the More Restrictive Alternative: Ethical Justifications for One Health AMR Policies Rely on Empirical Evidence
  • 2021
    Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy, Enhancing the Collectivist Critique: Individualist and Collectivist Accounts in the Human Enhancement Debate
  • 2021
    Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, "Free to Decide: The Positive Moral Right to Reproductive Choice According to the Capabilities Approach
  • 2020
    Trends in Biotechnology, In Defense of Heritable Human Genome Editing: On the Geneva Statement by Andorno et al.

Professional Memberships

  • Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy