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Professor in Earth & Climate Science, University of Southampton

My research explores the complex interactions between geological processes operating on different scales, and in different environments. My foundation in classic field geology and interest in the ‘big picture’ — the fundamental puzzle of how the Earth works — has resulted in a diverse research portfolio. Recent, exciting research has ranged from investigating the coupling between global tectonic and geochemical cycles in ‘deep time’ (e.g. “Snowball Earth”), to the regional controls on induced seismicity today. I apply a range of different techniques, including fieldwork, experiments, modelling, and analysis, to address these problems. I am currently involved in projects studying the impact cratering record of the Earth and Moon, the evolution of volcanism and seismicity in different tectonic environments, and understanding global-scale geochemical trends through Earth history.


  • –present
    Lecturer in Earth Science, University of Southampton