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I am a biochemist and bioinformatician focusing on how evolutionary insights can inform protein engineering. This is either by directly evolving enzymes in the lab (directed evolution) or designing proteins based on analysis of existing sequence diversity. My PhD was in the use of directed evolution to quantify evolvability and to study ancient evolutionary events in a laboratory setting. Subsequently, I have become involved in the analysis and engineering of cysteine-rich proteins, addressing the unique challenges that these proteins pose to sequence and structural analysis.

I'm also a keen Wikipedian, editing mainly in my scientific areas of expertise. In particular I'm of the opinion that clear diagrams are vital for communicating complex concepts. As Wikipedia matures, it needs expert editors to help ensure the accuracy of its content. I'm therefore also on the editorial board of the WikiJournal of Medicine, which aims to facilitate better interaction between the academic and Wikipedic communities

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  • 2014–present
    Research Fellow in Biochemistry and Evolution, La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science


  • 2014 
    University of Cambridge, Biochemistry and Evolution


  • 2016,