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Honorary Associate in Philosophy, University of Sydney

Tim Dean is an Honorary Associate in the Philosophy department at the University of Sydney, focusing on philosophy communication, public philosophy and outreach.

He is also on the faculty of The School of Life in Sydney, for which he produces and presents workshops and seminars on philosophy to the general public.

He also has over 15 years experience as a journalist and as editor of numerous publications, including Science & Technology Editor at The Conversation, and editor of Australian Life Scientist, Cosmos and PC Authority magazines. His work has appeared in print, online and on radio in Australia and overseas in publications like New Philosopher, Cosmos, New Scientist, ABC's Philosopher Zone, Acuity magazine and many others.

He has a PhD in philosophy from the University of New South Wales focusing on the evolution of morality and moral diversity.


  • 2015–2017
    Science and Technology Editor, The Conversation
  • 2009–2013
    Editor, Australian Life Scientist, IDG Publishing
  • 2006–2007
    Editor, Cosmos magazine, Luna Publishing
  • 2001–2004
    Editor, PC Authority magazine, AJB Publishing


  • 2017 
    University of Sydney, Honorary Associate
  • 2012 
    University of New South Wales, PhD candidate, Philosophy
  • 1999 
    Macquarie University, Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Philosophy

Professional Memberships

  • Australasian Association of Philosophy

Research Areas

  • Philosophy (2203)
  • History And Philosophy Of Science (Incl. Non Historical Philosophy Of Science) (220206)
  • Philosophical Psychology (Incl. Moral Psychology And Philosophy Of Action) (220311)
  • Evolutionary Biology (0603)