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Associate Professor, University of Sydney

I am an Engineering Geologist who teaches introductory geology classes to undergraduate science, education and civil engineering students and rock engineering to postgraduate students at the University of Sydney. I investigate landslides that occur in aquatic environments and have collected geological samples and geophysical data sets in marine, estuarine and riverine settings since I started work at the University of Sydney's Ocean Sciences Institute in 1984. This work has included investigating the causes of river-bank collapse on the Nepean River and the lower Murray River; quantifying the way in which tree-roots and vegetation reinforce riverside soils and reduce erosion; and determining the causes, timing and potential consequences of submarine land-sliding on the eastern Australian Seaboard.


  • 1984–2021
    Associate professor, School of Geosciences - The University of Sydney


  • 2001 
    The University of Sydney , Ph.D.
  • 1992 
    The University of New South Wales, M,App.Sci. (Eng. Geol,)
  • 1984 
    The University of Sydney , B,Sc, (Hons)