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Tomás Jesús Recio Muñiz

Profesor Magistral (Matemáticas), Universidad Nebrija

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• Born in Oviedo, Spain, December 14, 1949.
• B. Sc., M.Sc. (1972), Ph. D. (1976). Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
• Full Professor of Algebra at the Universidad de Cantabria (Santander, Spain), since 1982 to September 2020 (retired). Full professor (Catedrático de Universidad) since Oct. 13, 1981, initial position at Universidad de Granada.
• Profesor Magistral, Universidad Nebrija, Madrid, Spain, since October 2020.

Awards: Placa de Honor de la Asociación Española de Científicos (2004), Encomienda de la Orden de Alfonso X El Sabio (2008), Medalla de Plata de la Universidad de Cantabria (2020), Medalla de la Real Sociedad Matemática Española (2021).

Previous positions (with tenure) at the C.S.I.C. (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Higher Council for Scientific Research, Madrid), Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad de Málaga, Universidad de Granada.

Large number of research visits, of diverse length, at many different North American or European universities and research centers, often with participation at the different Seminars and Colloquia.

• Teaching experience in a variety of Algebra, Geometry and Mathematics Education undergraduate and graduate courses, such as the Secondary Education Math Teacher Initial Training Master degree of the University of Cantabria.

• Ph. D. advisor of over a dozen students. Former students have held or hold now university positions (mostly chairs, but also as Rectors of different universities) in Algebra, Computer Science, Geometry or Mathematics Education. See

• Remarkable experience as referee for
• Ph. D. thesis,
• University positions,
• Research centers and universities (evaluation of quality)
• Research projects
• Research papers
involving many different regional or national agencies in many countries.

• Author of over three hundred published scientific papers and four hundred fifty scientific communications in different international journals and conferences. Topics: Real Algebraic Geometry, CAD, Robotics, Computer Algebra and Geometry, Automatic Reasoning in Dynamic Geometry, Mathematics Education, Open Science.

• Former leader of a large research group on Computational Algebraic Geometry, involving researchers from several universities, with external support since 1985, through different Spanish and European projects.

• Involved along the years, as leader or member of many research teams with public funding (European, national, CNRS…), dealing with Mathematics Education or Open Science issues.

• Large experience as responsible (General Chair, Program Chair, Local Organization, etc.) of many different International Conferences, all over the world.

• Large experience in the management of academic and educational issues, as
--former Secretary General, Vice-Provost for Research or Director of the Institute for Educational Sciences (ICE) of the University of Cantabria
--former President of the Education Commission of the Real Sociedad Matemática Española, Secretary and President of the national ICMI sub-commission, ie. acting as the Spanish representative to the ICM I(International Commission on Mathematics Instruction)
--former President of the Consejo Escolar (Regional School Board) de Cantabria. He has been for about a decade, the President of the Consejo Escolar de Cantabria (Regional School Board) and a member of the Consejo Escolar del Estado Español (Spain School Board). Both institutions have the specific mission to link the education system to the community (of parents, administration and education authorities, teachers, etc).

He has developed, over the years, diverse connections to regional, national and international organizations and authorities concerning scientific issues.

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  • –present
    Profesor Magistral (Matemáticas), Universidad Nebrija


  • 1972 
    Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Matemáticas