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Professor, Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research, University of Windsor

Our lab (housed at the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research, University of Windsor) investigates scientific questions related to evolutionary biology, reproductive ecology, and conservation biology using fishes (both economically important species and species at risk) from the Great Lakes Basin and the west/east coast of Canada. Our primary species of study include (among others) Chinook Salmon, Redside Dace, Lake Sturgeon, Atlantic Salmon, and Lake Trout.

We conduct field research across the Great Lakes basin (and on each coast of Canada) and we employ molecular ecology approaches including (among others) population genetics, environmental DNA (eDNA), proteomics, and transcriptomics. In addition to our foundational research program focused on genetic quality in wild populations we also apply this knowledge to; (1) improve captive breeding for endangered and threatened species of fishes, (2) increase the fitness of fishes released from fish hatcheries and (3) inform and improve the sustainability of salmon aquaculture. Our lab also focuses on questions related to reintroduction biology in species as varied as fishes, frogs and snakes.

In order to offer students unique experiential learning opportunities and to educate the public about science we founded the Freshwater Restoration Ecology Centre (FREC, see video below and link in banner for more details) in partnership between the Town of LaSalle and the University of Windsor. This facility houses unique infrastructure, species at risk experimental populations, and access to the Lake Huron-Erie Corridor via the Detroit River.


  • 2010–present
    Full Professor, University of Windsor


  • 2005 
    University of Toronto, PhD