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Virva Salmivaara

Assistant professor in business administration and entrepreneurship, Audencia

I am Assistant Professor at Audencia Business School in Nantes, France. Having a background in business studies (at Aalto University) as well as social sciences (at the University of Helsinki), my research interests focus on understanding the discourses, changes and challenges in societies at large, and how the need for more sustainable business practice and changes in macro-level policies affect the societal role of entrepreneurship.

To enhance the social impact of research, I have been involved in producing a number of policy reports for the United Nations on youth social entrepreneurship, and for Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the European Commission on inclusive entrepreneurship policies that aim to offer people from all social groups an equal opportunity to create a sustainable business.

My professional background lies in corporate communications, investor relations, branding and corporate social responsibility (CSR). I have worked in the corporate world as well as for organisations in the public and academic sectors for over a decade, and have a solid track record in executing and leading corporate communications tasks.

This range of experience has given me the joy and capacity to work in a fast-paced and international environment, and taught me to be broadly critical, analytical and focused. In the future I wish to combine these skills and, to follow my passion to contribute to the alleviation of environmental and social problems and to the advancement of sustainable development either at a local or a global level.


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    Assistant professor in business administration and entrepreneurship, Audencia