Senior Research Scientist, Nutritional Genomics and DNA Damage, CSIRO

Wayne Leifert is a Senior Research Scientist at CSIRO (Australia). He received his PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry (Dept of Physiology) from the University of Adelaide (Australia) and serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Biomolecular Screening, Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery, Journal of Bionanoscience and Frontiers in Nutrigenomics as well as other journals in the field of medical biochemistry. His areas of interest are in cell and membrane physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology. Wayne’s recent research has focused on developing imaging techniques to identify DNA damage markers with respect to ageing, nutritional deficiencies, chronic diseases as well as to applying DNA damage markers to aspects of CSIRO’s Biosecurity (e.g. Queensland fruit fly). Wayne has 25 years experience at CSIRO, supervised 16 students (Hons, Masters & PhD students as well as 2 post-docs) and is devoted to advancements in nutritional sciences (he received the title “Registered Nutritionist” from the Nutrition Society of Australia in 2009); including experimental nutrition research as it relates to biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, and nutrigenomics.


  • –present
    Senior Research Scientist, Nutritional Genomics and DNA Damage, CSIRO


  • 2001 
    University of Adelaide, PhD/Biochemistry