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Chief Research Scientist, Oceans and Atmosphere, CSIRO, CSIRO

Dr Wenju Cai contributes to the climate and water components of CSIRO’s Wealth from Oceans, Water for a Healthy Country, and Climate Adaptation Flagships, and the Climate and Atmosphere Theme at CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research.
He and his colleagues study Australia-wide and regional influences of climate change, both marine and terrestrial, focusing on:
response of major modes of climate variability to climate change, and the associated impacts
linking rainfall shifts and trends, changing climate baselines over various regions in Australia, and changing oceans circulation, to depletion of ozone and increasing carbon dioxide and aerosols
climate change impacts on Australia water supply, south-east Australian bushfires, and drought frequency, intensity and duration.
Dr Cai has advanced climate knowledge through his work here and overseas with agencies in Japan, Canada and the United States.
He has helped coordinate research in the early phases of the Indian Ocean Climate Initiative, which focuses on the drying trend of south-west Australia, and the South East Australian Climate Initiative centred on the Murray-Darling catchment.
He is a key investigator of the A$50 million CSIRO Southeast Queensland Urban Water Security Research Alliance.


  • –present
    Researcher, CSIRO