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Speaking with: Peter Singer on effective altruism

Speaking with: Peter Singer on effective altruism.

Australians are among the most charitable people in the world, donating around A$2.4 billion a year. But how can we ensure the money we donate is used as effectively as possible?

There are more than 60,000 registered charities in Australia, ranging from international NGOs to environmental organisations.

While most appeal to our emotions when fundraising, someone wanting to have the greatest positive impact could equally apply reason, mathematics and moral philosophy when deciding who, and what, they donate to.

Effective altruism is a social and philosophical movement that tries to provide a rational framework for deciding how we should spend our money and time (including which careers we should pursue) in order to do the most good.

Australian philosopher Peter Singer is a vocal champion of the movement, and has recently written a book on effective altruism called The Most Good You Can Do.

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Additional audio: The Centre for Effective Altruism

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