TCUK is three

Three years in the making.

Three years ago The Conversation published for the first time in the UK. Back then we had seven editors, 13 member universities and it’s fair to say that some of our early articles deserved to be read by more people than they were.

Today, the concept is thriving. We have a team of 20 editors across the UK, 63 member universities in Britain and Ireland and 7,500 writers – last month more than 15 million of you read the content they produced. That is content created by experts in their fields, working with our editors, and being republished by some of the world’s leading media outlets.

So, what’s next?

Well, we celebrate our birthday today with the launch of our first podcast: The Anthill. The inaugural episode looks at the broad theme of ‘time’: telling it, perceiving it, doing it and travelling through it. On The Anthill our editors have been speaking to leading academics about thought-provoking and topical issues – next month, they will be crawling all over the EU referendum.

And on that subject, we have already rolled out our ‘blind peer reviewed’ Fact Checks to frisk some of the claims being made in the campaign. As it hots up over the next few weeks we will carry more smart content that may help you to make an informed decision on June 23.

Meanwhile, we continue to seek new, innovative ways to channel the smartest news, views and analysis to you, our readers. Close to a million of you now visit The Conversation site each month. If you have ideas about the type of articles you’d like to see us produce, then do get in touch. And if you enjoy the journalism we generate, then please do let your friends and colleagues know, and encourage them to sign up for sign up to our daily newsletter or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for your support over the past three years.

Kind regards

Stephen Khan


The Conversation UK