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Hanging on every word. Nottingham Trent University

Universities at risk of dumbing down into secondary schools

In the current rush to achieve the highest student satisfaction and best positions on university league tables we are at significant risk of dumbing down what’s being taught at universities. At both traditional…
The 2014 Federal Budget has turned the higher education sector into a market system. AAP

Creating a quasi-market in higher education in Australia

The introduction of the demand-driven system for undergraduate places in 2012 saw the differences between the government regulated world of public universities and the market-driven world of international…
Schools can’t be excellent and equitable in a marketised system. AAP

Why markets can’t deliver excellence and equity in schools

Australian education policies frame schools as ideally “excellent and equitable”. It is an alluring vision that very few Australians would argue against. The problem is, it is simply a myth in our current…

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