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People line up for ice provided by a utility company during a 2019 power outage in Brooklyn. AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Power outages linked to heat and storms are rising, and low-income communities are most at risk – NYC maps show the impact

Practices such as redlining left marginalized groups in more disaster-prone areas with poorer quality infrastructure − and more likely to experience prolonged power outages.
Inmate fire crews work alongside professional fire crews and do the same work. But they receive little, if any, pay. David McNew/AFP via Getty Images

Rural counties increasingly rely on prisons to provide firefighters and EMTs who work for free, but the inmates have little protection or future job prospects

Georgia’s inmate fire crews respond to hundreds of calls in surrounding counties every year. Without them, there might not be a responder, but they aren’t universally loved – and they don’t get paid.
Utilities can turn off power to reduce the risk that their equipment could spark wildfires during extreme weather events. Smith Collection/Gado via Getty Images

Colorado is latest state to try turning off the electrical grid to prevent wildfires − a complex, technical operation pioneered in California

Turning off power is a last-ditch strategy for utilities to reduce the risk that their systems could spark wildfires. In most states, deciding whether to take that step is up to utilities.
The End We Start From stars Jodie Comer as ‘Woman’, the lead character who gives birth to her baby as extreme floods hit London.

Climate disaster movies resonate in ways that news never will

This powerful new eco drama suggests “cli-fi” could play a crucial role in climate communication.

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