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Waiting for the bleep … how did your results go? from

My ATAR is too low, what do I do now?

Don’t panic if you didn’t get the school results you wanted – here’s what to do.
How much emphasis should we place on ATAR scores? from

Year 12 results day: does the ATAR actually matter that much?

The ATAR is being used less and less as the sole measure that universities use to select students. It’s time to question its value and the pressure it puts on students in year 12.
It is possible for schools to drag themselves out of low participation, low academic results and high attrition rates. AAP

How schools across the country are helping themselves

I’m over it. The endless binary debates that fuel the great education wars. Public vs private, phonics vs whole language, autonomy vs command and control. So yesterday as my young friends would say. It…

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