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AI has arrived. How will it change society in the year ahead? Pavel_Chag/iStock via Getty Images

AI is here – and everywhere: 3 AI researchers look to the challenges ahead in 2024

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, and the tech industry is racing along to develop ever more powerful AIs. Three scholars look ahead to the next chapter in this technological revolution.
AI chatbots are becoming more powerful, but how do you know if they’re working in your best interest? Carol Yepes/Moment via Getty Images

Can you trust AI? Here’s why you shouldn’t

It’s difficult to see how artificial intelligence systems work, and to see whose interests they work for. Regulation could make AI more trustworthy. Until then, user beware.
AI could help elected representatives raise up constituent voices. AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

AI could shore up democracy – here’s one way

Public comment could soon swamp government officials and representatives, thanks to AI, but AI could also help spot compelling stories from constituents.
A group of prominent computer scientists and other tech industry notables are calling for a six-month pause on artificial intelligence technology. (Shutterstock)

Let’s base AI debates on reality, not extreme fears about the future

A recent open letter calling for a temporary artificial intelligence development hiatus is more concerned with hypothetical risks about the future than the issues that are right in front of us.

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