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People who drink alcohol may not be aware that they’re getting a fair portion of their daily energy intake from alcohol. Chandler Collins/Flickr

Think before you drink: alcohol’s calories end up on your waistline

A gram of alcohol has almost as many calories as the equivalent weight in fat. But most people who drink aren't aware of the extra fuel they're getting from alcohol.
Consumers can very quickly ingest risky levels of alcohol. jordache/Flickr

Powdered alcohol, seriously? A health risk we don’t need

Opening a bottle and pouring liquid into a glass isn’t exactly an arduous task but a US company hopes to release a powdered variety to make consuming alcohol that little bit easier – and more portable…
The Australian government appears to be contemplating signing a version of the agreement that would restrict its power to apply strong health warnings to alcohol products. camknows/Flickr

Trans-Pacific Partnership rules could block alcohol warnings

New rules for alcohol labelling were discussed in Malaysia earlier this week by countries negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The proposed rules could stymie the introduction of effective health…
The government’s discussions with the industry about voluntary labelling have not been transparent. Jesús León

Alcohol warning labels and ‘valuable label real estate’

There’s a legal requirement in Australia for all packaged alcohol to show the alcohol content of the beverage and the number of standard drinks. But there’s no need for the label to bear any information…
Focussing on ‘harmful’ alcohol use means attention is diverted from reducing alcohol intake across the population. Visit Greenwich

Last drinks: regulating alcohol to prevent non-communicable diseases

Non-communicable diseases – Paula O'Brien looks at the what The Lancet NCD Action Group and the NCD Alliance name as one of the [priority interventions](\11)60393-0/fulltext…

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