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Cats can be happy in apartments, but the space needs features that enable their natural desire to climb, jump, hide and scratch. Kuznetcov_Konstantin/

Is it ethical to keep pets and other animals? It depends on where you keep them

Animals don’t just need enough space to live – they need the right kind of space, too. An animal welfare lawyer defends our pets’ ‘right of place.’
When dog owners meet, it helps build a safe and connected community. Wrote/flickr

Our pets strengthen neighbourhood ties

A study of Australian and US cities has demonstrated that pet ownership strengthens people’s connections with their neighbours.
Where does it come from? Flickr/Allerina & Glen MacLarty

More animal abuse revelations – is it fair play?

We have entered a new, digital, era in animal protection, yet one in which a legislative backlash against video exposes is stirring in parts of the US. Last week brought another revelation of animal cruelty…

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