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Google has you in a filter bubble and you might not even know it. melanie.phung

Google still controls your information, despite EU ruling

After a long investigation, Google has finally reached a settlement with the European Commission about how it presents search results. The Commission had started investigating Google in the first place…
A “substantial portion” of claims in private lawsuits against the banks involved in the LIBOR scandal have been dismissed by the US Federal District Court. Image sourced from

A delayed reckoning: the US Federal District Court and LIBOR

The major banks implicated in the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) manipulation scandal received a major boost in their ongoing litigation strategies with the dismissal of large components of a consolidated…
While US regulators cleared Google of antitrust breaches for unfairly diverting traffic to their own services, the Europeans see things differently.

Google’s battle in Europe: what is really best for consumers?

At the end of a 19 month investigation into Google’s search business by the US Federal Trade Commission, many commentators declared that Google had “dodged a bullet”. In other words, the journalists believed…

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