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Kerr’s appearance is further complicated by Japan’s stereotyped position as expert poachers of Western culture. Vogue Japan

Miranda Kerr goes geisha in Vogue … and that might be OK

Miranda Kerr sparked controversy last week when she appeared in Japanese Vogue dressed in a kimono. Critics in the blogosphere and The New York Daily News wondered whether her donning traditional Japanese…

Un-doing (mis)appropriation

Six months ago, Janna Thompson wrote a story about the accusations that Perks and Mini (mis)appropriated African culture in their National Gallery of Victoria display at the Melbourne Now Exhibition. Her…
PERKS AND MINI, Melbourne (PAM) (fashion house) Australia est. 2000. Misha HOLLENBACH (designer) born Australia 1971 Shauna TOOHEY (designer) born Australia 1976 Black Gold 2013 spring summer 2013 (still) Collection of the artists. Max Doyle

Are Perks and Mini ripping off or riffing off African culture?

An exhibit by the Australian fashion company Perks and Mini (PAM) on display at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) as part of its Melbourne Now exhibition has been accused of expropriating and exploiting…

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