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Chinese intelligence operatives have allegedly hacked into ASIO servers: is this the new world of cyber espionage in action? EPA/Diego Azubel

Welcome to the strange new world of cyber espionage

Chinese intelligence operatives are said to have obtained the floor plans of ASIO’s new Canberra headquarters. And at the same time, having been badly burned when Australian “tradesmen” installed bugs…
Another High Court challenge to the Gillard government’s indefinite detention of ‘legal black hole’ refugees has experts calling for alternatives. AAP/Jeremy Piper

As a High Court challenge looms, are there alternatives to Australia’s indefinite detention policy?

The Gillard government is facing another High Court challenge to its indefinite detention of the 55 refugees to have received adverse security assessments from ASIO. These continuing legal troubles, along…
Asylum seeker detainees at an immigration facility in Broadmeadows have staged a hunger strike this week. AAP Image

Refugees and hunger strikes: the need to appeal ASIO assessments

27 men detained in Broadmeadows’ Melbourne Immigration Transit Centre (MITA) ended their hunger strike on Wednesday evening. This group of 25 Tamils and two Burmese Rohingyas had gone ten days without…
Melbourne man Ben Zygier died in a top security Israeli jail cell. Numerous questions remain about his arrest, detention and death. AAP/Julian Smith

Ben Zygier: the silence surrounding Prisoner X

When Melbourne man Ben Zygier, an alleged agent of Mossad, or perhaps a double agent, died in December 2010, his end was barely perceptible. He had been held anonymously in solitary confinement at a high-security…
Prime Minister Julia Gillard delivers a speech outlining Australia’s new National Security Strategy. AAP

Cyber Security Centre planned to target growing threat

“The internet must remain open but also secure,” Prime Minister Julia Gillard said today, flagging plans for the development…
British-born Muslim convert Jack Roche leaves jail after having served over four years in prison for threatening to blow up the Israeli embassy in Canberra in 2004. AAP/Bohdan Warchomij

The potential for far-right terrorism in Australia

As we approach the tenth anniversary of the Bali bombings, public discussions of terrorism are likely to focus on the jihadist threat. Australian governments have been correct to consider jihadism the…
Attorney General Nicola Roxon appears to be in two minds over proposals to widen intelligence gathering powers. AAP/Lukas Koch

If Nicola Roxon doesn’t believe in her own policy, why should we?

Earlier this month the Hon Nicola Roxon asked the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (PJCIS) to conduct an inquiry into the Government’s proposals for a major revamp of Australia’s…
Green groups have been accused of taking their protests too far, but does this mean ASIO should spy on them? AAP Image/Greenpeace

Is Australia at risk from green terrorists?

Environmental activists and mining protesters are now being labelled as terrorists, with reports security agency ASIO is spying on conservation groups protesting at coal mines. Resources and Energy Minister…
The Australian government faces a difficult task in balancing relationships with China and the US. EPA/Minoru Iwasaki/Pool

What the Huawei case tells us about the Australia, US, China nexus

The recommendation by intelligence agency ASIO that Chinese telecommunications company Huawei be banned from tendering in the National Broadband Network because of cyber security concerns, raises serious…
Spy agencies in Australia have a big job, but does the job match the budget? Flickr/ocularinvasion

Cloak and dollar: how much do security agencies in Australia really need?

In an era of evolving threats, judgment calls will continue to rely on the provision of accurate, timely intelligence. But this intelligence does not come cheap. In order to be well-prepared and well-organised…
Shooty Vikadan died in Villawood Detention Centre before the Commonwealth Ombudsman could review his case. AAP/Torsten Blackwood

Dead refugee caught in ‘legal limbo’ between government agencies

The asylum seeker who committed suicide in Villawood detention centre this week should have been interviewed by the Commonwealth Ombudsman to establish whether he should have been released into the community…

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