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Under pressure: with things on the battlefield not going well, the last thing Volodymyr Zelensky needs is a corruption scandal in the military. EPA-EFE/Sergey Dolzhenko

Ukraine war: corruption scandals and high-level rifts could become an existential threat as Kyiv asks for more military aid

As a new Russian offensive gets under way, Ukraine can ill afford to be mired in scandal and disunity.
Russian riot police detain gay rights activists during World Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia in St. Petersburg in 2019. Olga Maltseva/AFP via Getty Images

As Russia ramps up ‘traditional values’ rhetoric − especially against LGBTQ+ groups − it’s won Putin far-right fans abroad

Far-right American Christians once viewed Soviet culture as a menace to their values. Today, some authoritarian-leaning admirers wish their country were more like Putin’s Russia.
Palestinians on the outskirts of Gaza City walk by buildings destroyed by Israeli bombardment on Oct. 20, 2023. AP Photo/Ali Mahmoud

Delivering aid during war is tricky − here’s what to know about what Gaza relief operations may face

The politics of delivering aid in war zones are messy, the ethics fraught and the logistics daunting. But getting everything right is essential − and in this instance could save many Gazans’ lives.

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