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Fairfax is caught between boosting a profitable side of its business and retaining its traditional business at a loss. Paul Miller/AAP

Disrupted businesses are struggling in the valley of death

Firms that are trying to branch out into new technology, while at the same time retaining traditional business, are facing similar problems to startups.
The images that appear on our stamps tell a powerful story about the nation – so why don’t we pay more attention? Chris/Flickr

Let’s unstick our postage stamps from Howard’s Australia

For most of us stamps have become infrequent objects of daily life but they continue to be produced, and collected by devotees – so what do they say about us as a nation?
Remember when the airline seat with extra leg room was free? Shutterstock

Why ‘free’ will eventually cost you

Remember the days when free really was free? When reading a news article to the end didn’t mean having to get over, around or through a paywall. Or when loyalty schemes actually rewarded loyalty with decent…
Regional post offices are doing it tough. Alpha/Flickr

Lost in the bush? Australia Post’s regional future

Former deputy prime minister and Nationals doyen Tim Fischer was famous for his whistle-stop press conferences outside rural post offices. The location was both symbolic and convenient. Rural and regional…
Australia Post’s business is evolving, but it still has to support loss makers. Australia Post/AAP

Australia Post, Telstra and the ‘dying business’ dilemma

Who would run a former government-owned monopoly these days? In the last week, Australia Post’s Ahmed Fahour announced 900 administration jobs were to go from its Melbourne operations, while last week…
Australia Post: more than letters. Alison Curtis/Flickr

The future of Australia Post will be off the beaten track

In the near future a trip to the Post Office in regional and remote Australia may mean picking up a parcel or a letter. It could also mean a virtual meeting with your tertiary education provider, a virtual…
The public versus private debate is oversimplified, and the situation is made worse by the hybrid nature of many so-called “public” organisations. Shutterstock

A privatisation message for the Commission of Audit

The Federal Government’s Commission of Audit reports at the end of this month. Tasked with identifying where efficiency and productivity improvements may be made across all areas of Commonwealth expenditure…
A proposal to sell off Australia Post has caused controversy. AAP

Privatisation: economic nous beats partisan stoush

Australians returning from holidays to work this week were met with headlines reading: “ACCC calls for big asset sell-off”. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chief Rod Sims had reportedly…
Australia Post has been well-placed to handle global changes, with a planned $2 billion upgrade to parcel delivery and new 24 hour smart lockers. AAP

Smart locker competition may also deliver unexpected outcomes

Australia Post has survived more than a hundred years of shipping information and goods. Then came the internet, which massively shrunk hardcopy mail, bills, brochures and so on. But with the rise of the…
The new virtual postman: Australia Post is about to launch its Digital MailBox.

Australia Post’s digital delivery scheme may yield few returns to spender

Australia Post have every reason to be pleased with their role in the online shopping revolution. They are central to the process by providing a means of converting the virtual into the real, by delivering…

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