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A fully loaded semitrailer can cause 10,000 times more damage to roads than a family car. AAP Image/Dan Himbrechts

Trucks are destroying our roads and not picking up the repair cost

Australia should follow the lead of other nations like New Zealand and Switzerland and increase the charges for heavy vehicles on roads, proportionate to the amount of wear and tear they cause.
The painting of the Sistine Chapel was an exercise in logistics, which can be analysed for insights into who and what was involved in its creation. The same goes for any crime requiring some organisation. EPA

Forensic logistics: this crime ‘howdunit’ is sexier than it sounds

Mention the word “logistics” and most people would probably think of trucks or the shipping of freight at a mundane best. A more textbook definition might be that logistics is the managed movement of resources…
It’s a long way for one man and his reindeer to travel. Jpatokal

Help solve Santa’s logistics troubles with a little maths

In just one night, Santa has to visit millions of homes to deliver presents. If he could travel at the speed of light, the task would be simple. However, Einstein’s formula, E=MC², tells us that anything…
The Pacific Highway has a long history of fatal truck accidents. AAP

Shifting freight to rail could make the Pacific Highway safer

Articulated trucks such as semi-trailers and “B-Doubles” are involved in about 30% of fatal road accidents on the Pacific Highway. As the number of trucks carrying freight between Sydney and Brisbane increases…
To make roads flow better, we need traffic lights to be more efficient. sinkdd

Going places: why better traffic lights make better sense

If you’ve ever been caught in a traffic jam – and who hasn’t? – you’ll know Australia’s urban road networks are fast approaching full capacity. With the holiday season not far away, traffic jams and road…

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