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At least they’re trying. Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Songs of love, songs of hate and songs of Ebola

I was living and working in Africa at the time of Band Aid 1984. I found the song Do They Know it’s Christmas? cloying, but I recognised that it was mobilising ordinary citizens towards concern and compassion…
Band Aid is an apt name, addressing the symptoms of the Ebola crisis rather than the underlying reasons. EPA/ Hannah McKay

Should you buy Band Aid 30?

It really doesn’t matter if you don’t like this song. It doesn’t matter if you hate the artists. What matters is that you buy the record. So said the Irish songwriter Bob Geldof last weekend, in anticipation…
Bob Geldof and Midge Ure announce that they will produce a record to help fight Ebola in west Africa. John Stillwell/PA Wire

From Band Aid to Dapper Laughs, charity songs are all about hitting the right tone

The charity song is an odd thing. Generally composed with the simple intent of raising money for a cause, the musical quality of the thing somehow falls by the wayside. In the charts, it’s an anomaly…

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