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Just good friends: BBC chairman Richard Sharp and former prime minister Boris Johnson. Kathy deWitt/Alamy Stock Photo

The public or the state: who calls the shots at the BBC?

The row over the BBC Chairman’s relationship with former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has opened fresh questions about the level of political influence and independence at the broadcaster.
Reuters/Eddie Keogh

The Beeb, the bias and the bashing

From both left and right come accusations that the BBC is biased. The truth is that the Beeb has links to all sides of politics – as you would expect.
Pro-independence protesters descend on the BBC’s Glasgow offices. Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Media bias and the Scottish referendum: BBC gets the blame as usual

As voting day looms for the Scottish referendum to determine independence, accusations of media bias by the BBC in favour of the union are coming thick and fast. Within the space of a few days, Alex Salmond…
If you can’t attack the Beeb, shoot the messenger. Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

The controversial business of researching BBC impartiality

Whoever takes over from Lord Patten as the new head of the BBC Trust has a tough job ahead – there’s the Scottish referendum and the general election, both potential minefields for a public broadcaster…

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