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Bats appear have a much better symbiotic relationship with viruses than other mammal species. CSIRO

2011: Year of the bat-borne virus

In the Chinese zodiac, 2011 is the year of the rabbit but for those of us working on viruses from wildlife animals, it was much more like the year of the bat. In February, the deadly Nipah virus re-emerged…
Sometimes it only takes one or two powerfully conveyed stories of disease affliction to spur people into getting their vaccinations. AAP

Vaccinations in the news in 2011

Whenever stories about vaccination hit the headlines, just how deeply we value vaccines becomes strikingly clear. Whether it’s the celebration of new vaccines, the outrage at disease outbreaks, or the…
A German national infected by E. coli in the outbreak earlier this year. Fifty people died in Europe because of the outbreak that affected 16 countries in all. AAP

Food contamination and illness in 2011 – could it happen in Australia?

2011 saw a couple of unusual outbreaks of food-borne disease, one from a previously unknown pathogen and the other from a well-known one in a food not usually associated with such outbreaks. The outbreaks…
The unfurling National Health Reform Agreement should start to deliver changes to Australia’s health-care system in 2012. AAP

Lost about health-care reform? Here’s where we got to in 2011

Health-care reform was one of the policy areas where much had been promised but little delivered by the start of 2011. Prime Minister Julia Gillard promised that 2011 would be a year of implementation…

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