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Competition and integration in the NHS are chalk and cheese. Flickr/Foomandoonian

Integrating health and social care needs cash as well as talk

Foundation essay: This article on the relationship between health and social care in the UK by Bob Hudson, Professor of Applied Social Science at Durham University, is part of a series marking the launch…
Good dental health is important for overall health - so when will Australia see a national dental scheme? AAP

Healthcare reform in 2012: whose health system is it anyway?

As many of us recover from the festive binge of overeating, drinking too much and not exercising enough, spare a thought for the new health minister as she plans for 2012. An exciting agenda looms – will…
The unfurling National Health Reform Agreement should start to deliver changes to Australia’s health-care system in 2012. AAP

Lost about health-care reform? Here’s where we got to in 2011

Health-care reform was one of the policy areas where much had been promised but little delivered by the start of 2011. Prime Minister Julia Gillard promised that 2011 would be a year of implementation…

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