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Remember this look? matheo

NHS must think like Google to make data project work

As the UK government wrangles with the sticky problem of how to make health records useful for research without compromising privacy, it might look to how Google has evolved for inspiration. Google was…
Tim Kelsey doesn’t want you to worry about your data. Policy Exchange

FoI reveals cynical logic that compromises NHS data privacy

It’s crunch time for the UK government’s controversial scheme, which has been postponed for the second time. A new advisory panel is starting work this week to try to work out how to get this…
Instant access to health data is becoming the norm so we are wise to the implications. IntelFreePress

What the NHS can learn from the smartphone on data consent

In the run up to the introduction of the NHS programme, there is an urgent need for a debate about what we, and our healthcare providers, mean by the term “consent”. So far, the plans for…

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