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Within the first three seconds of opening a web page, over 80 third parties on average have accessed your information. (Shutterstock)

Websites deceive users by deliberately hiding the extent of data collection and sharing

Existing regulations do not go far enough in protecting people’s information from being collected and shared when they visit websites.
Almost every website — both for-profit and not-for-profit — commodifies user data. (Shutterstock)

To protect user privacy online, governments need to reconsider their use of opt-in policies

New research shows that opt-in policies may not be as effective as intended when it comes to data protection and privacy regulations.
Organizations that gather information should establish a framework for responsibly managing user data. (Shutterstock)

Want to know if your data are managed responsibly? Here are 15 questions to help you find out

Responsible data stewardship must take many factors into account including legal requirements, data governance, cybersecurity and user privacy.

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