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Accepting Bitcoin. But for how long? Targaryan

Demise of Mt Gox exposes the shaky foundations of Bitcoin

The Mt Gox Bitcoin exchange, the most high-profile market for the online currency, has suspended trading on its systems. It shut down on 24 February after noticing “unusual activity” and is yet to reopen…
New York and California are considering ways of regulating Bitcoin and making it easier to access, but those already using the virtual currency say over regulation could drive people away. Department for Communities and Local Government

For Bitcoin, regulation may kill the golden goose

It seems governments are finally coming around to the idea that virtual currencies are here to stay. Backed by a business community eager to utilise innovations like Bitcoin, California and New York are…
You may have heard of Bitcoin … but what about Litecoin? btckeychain

The Bitcoin bubble has burst, so what are the alternatives?

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin has been in the news lately with a sudden surge in value followed by a spectacular crash – not to mention the unfortunate tale of US$4 million in Bitcoin on a hard drive that…
Not your pirate currency any more: as traditional institutions embrace Bitcoins, the price will only increase. Flickr/Zach Copley

Bitcoin’s rehab will ultimately determine its true value

As Bitcoin’s backers push for it to become acceptable mainstream currency, its value has become increasingly tied to attempts to break the public image that it’s just a currency for cyber criminals. It’s…
Despite the shutdown of anonymous illegal goods market Silk Road, its currency - the Bitcoin - recovered its losses. Flickr/Zach Copley

Bitcoin shakes off Silk Road shutdown; so what now for the Deep Web?

In a blow for the burgeoning economy of black markets on the Internet’s so-called “Deep Web”, trading site the [Silk Road]( has been shut down by US…
Burning a hole in your virtual pocket. zcopley

Bitcoin’s dilemma: go mainstream, or stay radical?

Bitcoin enthusiasts and libertarians the world over are in a state of confusion about the slowness with which the outside world is catching on to their new way of exchanging money. But regulators and lawmakers…
Should the arrest of Arthur Budovsky, founder of online currency exchange Liberty Reserve concern other online models that use anonymity as part of their model?

Does anonymity mean criminality? Bitcoin feels Liberty Reserve pressure

The shutdown of online currency exchange Liberty Reserve and the arrest of its CEO and founder Arthur Budovsky may not have surprised some in the security industry. The company did not require its users…
Forgot your purse? Don’t worry - read on for digital payment options.

From your wallet to Google Wallet: your digital payment options

Money has come a long way from gold coins stamped with the Emperor’s likeness. Today, the vast majority of money is digitised - in the US, notes and coins comprise only 7% of cash in circulation. So with…
Talk of the Cyprus bailout sparked a surge in the value of virtual cryptocurrency Bitcoin. zcopley

Is the Cyprus crisis a boon for Bitcoin?

For most of us, banks represent a trusted and safe harbour for our money. Investing in fixed term deposits for example, is widely seen as a low-risk strategy. The global financial crisis changed that view…
There is currently around US$63.6 million of Bitcoin in circulation. Craig A Rodway

Bitcoin: a pirate’s booty or the new global currency?

On July 19, Doctor Nefario, founder of the Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange, arrived at Seattle airport and was asked if he had enough money to cover his stay in the US. He replied that he did, but that it…

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