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Blue whales and orcas are both specialists in their own way. You can’t really measure which one is more intelligent. Shutterstock

Curious Kids: which is smarter – a blue whale or an orca?

We don’t know for sure which one is smarter, because not everyone agrees on what “intelligence” means. Both have their own special behaviours and skills and we can’t say who is more intelligent.
DNA analysis reveals that there are three populations of Antarctic blue whales. Paula Olson, courtesy of IWC

Antarctica’s blue whales are split into three distinct populations

Antarctica’s blue whales all feed in the same place. But a new genetic analysis suggests they are actually three separate populations that breed in different parts of the globe.
If only it didn’t stink. Don Bradshaw and NTV

What do you do with a whale that won’t explode?

The residents of Trout River in Newfoundland, Canada have a stinking whale of a problem. What to do with the 81-feet-carcass of Balaenoptera musculus on their shore? While such an occurrence is not uncommon…

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