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Reinforcing the association between “elite” art forms and class privilege does nobody any favours. The Australian Ballet preview of Art to Sky. AAP/ Nikki Short

Class privilege and the classical arts – the problem of ‘elite’ culture

An episode of the ABC TV comedy series Upper Middle Bogan, recently re-aired, explores the perceived class divide between high and low art forms. Edwina Bright, the daughter of a well-to-do family, who…
Australia’s a class-free society? If that were so, many of our most popular movies and TV shows such as Ja'mie: Private School Girl simply wouldn’t make any sense. AAP/Supplied by EckFactor

Bogans and hipsters: we’re talking the living language of class

Egalitarianism is an article of faith in Australia. While the nation still faces issues of class, Australians tend to be uncomfortable about discussing these or acknowledging their extent. Interestingly…
Tinkler might be considered a has-been, but it seems foolish to write him off. Jane Dempster/AAP image

Review – Boganaire: The Rise and Fall of Nathan Tinkler

Bogans are here, there and everywhere; the word is a cover for any concept you can imagine. That Nathan Tinkler – the former mining magnate, once considered Australia’s youngest ever billionaire – made…

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