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Black Diggers brings black and white Australians into the same narrative. Branco Gaica/Brisbane Festival

Black Diggers: out of the trenches at the Brisbane Festival

The performance space in which Wesley Enoch’s play Black Diggers is being performed at the Brisbane Festival is a large black box. It features a raised stage in the middle which proves versatile for battlegrounds…
Juana Molina, who played at the Brisbane Festival last night, is a true original. Photo: Marcelo Setton

Juana Molina: left-field folktronica at the Brisbane Festival

Argentine singer-songwriter Juana Molina is one of those fearless artists. The kind of fearless artist who abandons a successful TV show at the height of its popularity to pursue a solo career in making…
Local hero Danny Harley aka The Kite String Tangle played to a home crowd at the Brisbane Festival. Brisbane Festival

The Kite String Tangle: blissed-out beats at the Brisbane Festival

Danny Harley has had a pretty big year with his one-man band project The Kite String Tangle. There have been festival appearances, both at home and abroad, a song in the top 20 of Triple J’s iconic Hottest…
Philip Glass’s reimagination of the Disney myth is a timely consideration of cultural labour. Brisbane Festival

Capital-C culture: The Perfect American at the Brisbane Festival

The Brisbane Festival’s production of Philip Glass’s opera The Perfect American is only the third production of the 2012 work ever to be staged. That’s quite a coup for the Brisbane Festival and Opera…
Lally Katz’s adaptation of Ibsen’s classic play A Doll’s House is playing at the Brisbane Festival. Dylan Evans/Brisbane Festival

Grand slam: Lally Katz’s Doll’s House at the Brisbane Festival

When Jane Caro compared traditional marriage to prostitution on a recent episode of Q&A, she did not mean to conflate today’s stay-at-home mothers with sex workers. But that didn’t stop the loud handful…
Performers cavort around five onstage bathtubs in Soap, currently playing at the Brisbane Festival. Andy Phillipson/Brisbane Festival

Soap: a sexy night on the tiles at the Brisbane Festival

Traditionally soap is made by rendering down lard. But in this tight show, Soap, playing at the Brisbane Festival, there isn’t an ounce of fat to be seen. The pace is fast and the bodies are lean. It’s…

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