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Community payback has a nice ring to it. But payback to whom? Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Probation for profit is a nail in the coffin for offender rehab

A very significant moment in the history of the UK criminal justice system passed when the government forced through the first stage of its privatisation of probation services. Since then there has been…
Weighing up cost and benefit: proposed legal aid cuts are a perversion of justice. Lonpicman

Cuts to criminal legal aid will turn defendants into products

In an adversarial criminal justice system like the one we have in England and Wales, access to justice depends on access to lawyers. The court system is complicated and confusing, a heady mix of archaic…
Sensitive: reporting of the Brooks trial must take care not to be prejudicial. AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth

British justice on trial in ‘R v Rebekah Brooks and Others’

It is rare indeed to hear an English judge, presiding over a case described as the “Trial of the Century”, explain to the jury that “in this case, in a way, not only are the defendants on trial, but British…

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