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Some dogs may associate car travel with trips to the beach or park – while others only remember trips to the vet. Linda Colquhoun/flickr

Curious Kids: is it true dogs don’t like to travel?

Travel can come with danger, so dogs have mostly evolved to avoid being over-adventurous. That said, dogs may see some kinds of travel as a chance to find things they want – like food or a mate.
Puppies are at the highest risk from a new strain of canine parvovirus discovered for the first time in Australia. EPA/THOMAS DELLEY

Vaccinate your puppies – a new strain of parvo has been found in Australia

A new form of the highly contagious canine parovirus has been found in Australia. The strain has been found in vaccinated dogs.
A feral dog chasing a wild boar, Banni grasslands, India. Chetan Misher/Facebook

The bark side: domestic dogs threaten endangered species worldwide

Cats have a bad reputation as wildlife killers (deservedly so). But dogs aren’t off the hook: new research shows domestic dogs have contributed to the extinction of at least 11 species.

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